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Introducing Meredith Currin

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

In college, I briefly studied nursing, but found that my true passion was serving and being an advocate for people. I knew I loved people and wanted to support people… So I ended up as a Psychology major and a Women's Studies minor along with Asian Studies minor. During my senior year of undergrad I decided to do a job search for careers that I could use my passion for healthcare, advocacy and also serve people at the same time. I stumbled across "Birth Doula" and thought what better career choice for me. I love having the Psychology background as a doula because it is so helpful as I relate to clients, connect them to postpartum resources for Postpartum Depression if needed, and being an advocate for them during birth and beyond. The pre-nursing knowledge is also great for teaching clients how to prepare for their births as I am a Certified Childbirth Educator also.

Interesting facts about me:

- I'm proficient in American Sign Language

- I enjoy hiking and playing tennis in my free time

- I love to travel to new cities and experience new cultures some of my most recent travels include Uganda, Belgium, Denver Colorado, East Asia, Ft. Meyers Florida, and Charleston South Carolina.

- I enjoy cooking new dishes and love southern comfort food

- I drink a glass or two of milk every day!

- I'm passionate about overseas ministry. I led a group of 6 college students to East Asia for a Summer Mission trip and loved every bit of it!

- I also love working with kids and have 10+ years of babysitting/ nanny experience

(Everywhere I travel it seems I always find a baby to hold or one finds me, even if it wasn't planned! I love it!)

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