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Virtual Birth Doula Support

Free 30 minute Consultation via phone call, FaceTime or Zoom

*  Two virtual 1 hour Prenatal meetings to discuss your birth plan and birth goals, and how we will assist you during labor and answer any questions you have via phone call, FaceTime or Zoom

* Unlimited Text/Email availability for non-medical questions (24 hour response time)

* On call for your birth 24/7 starting 2 weeks before your due date

* On-Call phone support during labor to answer questions, suggest comfort measures, help with options etc. 

* One virtual 1 hour postpartum meeting to answer questions, talk through birth experience via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom 

Investment: $600.00

A $200 deposit will be paid upon signing contracts to hold your due date.  The rest of the payment ($400) will be due at 37 weeks or two weeks before your due date.

Virtual Birth Services: About
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